Nottingham Zine Fest- Who’s Who?

As we get more excited about Saturday we decided to tell you a little about the amazing artists who will be selling work at Nottingham Zine Fest 2013!!




are a London based collective. We make an arts zine and also publish interviews and reviews online at

DUPE zine is independently published on a non-profit basis. Our main objective is to enjoy the process of creating and collaborating and act as a platform for artists/writers to showcase their work.






Eimear Scullin Zines

ES Zines contain hand-drawn illustrations and thoughts about retail and travel.





“The Secret Life Of Cats” – Illustrations by Grace Sandford

My work is inspired by children’s publishing and is creating to make people smile (hopefully!)






DSC_0272Jenna Lee Alldread Doodles

My work is inspired by narrative and folkstories, strong shapes and textures. I like making things, so there is a huge handmade ethos in my work – using traditional printing techniques such as block printing and screen printing to bring textures into my work. It has been described as quirky and cute and there are lots of animals in there! Some of the topics in my zines are based around heart ache, depression and consumerism but are sugar coated with colourful endearing illustrations to draw the reader in to the darker topics – just like a fairy tale.

I think that my work has a wide appeal, I pride myself on working to the highest level of craftsmanship that I can. I hope you like my designs!


elephant familyJulia Gallego

I used acrylic, pen and ink to make observation-based drawings inspired by nature, wildlife and sea life. I am planning on making zines, postcards, and transfer some drawings onto fabric.



Larry Zine/ Screever Zine
I’ve been writing and illustrating a perzine called ‘Larry’ for about three years now, and am just about to release the sixth issue; each one is A5, heavily illustrated in line drawings, tied with string, and has a cartridge paper cover with a little window cut out.

‘The Screever’ is a lil’ A6 photocopied zine for which I interview mostly local bands / artists / people doing good things, and my friend Nat writes about theatre, good causes, recipes and other stuff. I also do a load of music reviews. We’re up to issue four on that one…



The Chapess

The Chapess is a collective feminist zine run by Cherry Styles (Manchester) and Zara Gardner (Norwich.) We will be launching our latest issue at the Nottingham Zine Fair! We will also be bringing new releases from Synchronise Witches press, postcards and prints.








Poppy Skelley

Illustrated zines full of poetry, thoughts and beautiful pictures. Depicting daily life and cats!









Sophieliza Illustration

I create quaint and cute illustrations from inspiration I gather from music, pattern and nature. I use a variety of media from water colour painting to collage and 3D pieces. I like to think each piece is a little adventure, you never quite know where it will take you.







I Need Links Sponsor our first Zine Fest

12th October 2013, Nottingham Zine Fest, sponsored by I Need Links

I Need Links Sponsor our first Zine Fest


Nottingham Zine Fair

Coming October 19th!

Nottingham Zine Fair


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